Month: June 2010

The Girl Who…

I just finished reading the third and final version of Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Series. You know…those “The Girl Who” books that are showing up everywhere these days and dominate best seller lists. Should I admit […]

At the Social Media Workshop

  We are talking about photoblogging.  Posted via email from Just Haphazardry

If you have nothing to say…

It never hurts to post a cute cat video.

Blogging Elsewhere

I’ve been blogging at Teacherly Tech today, getting ready for a workshop this weekend. I don’t have much left to say to Writerly Haphazardry, so I’ll just share one of the videos that I posted […]

Shovels, Seeds, and Miracles:  A Photo Essay

Shovels, Seeds, and Miracles View more presentations from Sharon Gerald. This is my experiment in a slide-style photo essay. I created this in Keynote (the Mac’s answer to PowerPoint) and uploaded it to SlideShare. You […]

Facing Your Tomatoes

Posted via email from Just Haphazardry

Ted Talk:  James Geary, metaphorically speaking

The Ted Talk: The Prezi: Mixing Mind and Metaphor on Prezi

Ted Talk:  David Griffin on how photography connects us
Reading and Cleaning, Partly

I’ve been trying to convince myself I enjoy housework by playing an audio book while I saunter about the house making pretenses at improving the general situation. What I can say for this method is […]

Today's Column

From the Hattiesburg American. A FEW DAYS AGO I sat in Starbucks wishing I had my camera with me. A line of people formed, all waiting to order lattes, all looking down at phones rather […]