Name That Bird


This appears to be a Brown Thrasher. My extensive Wikipedia research indicates they can be difficult to spot, but this one seemed content enough to hang out on my fence, or my neighbor’s fence to be more precise since I never put one up.

It’s a hazard of the camera that all manner of learning accompanies the attempt to figure out what’s in the picture. I couldn’t have told you what kind of markings a BrownThrasher had before I looked this bird up.


I also learned that the Brown Thrasher is the state bird of Georgia. Who knew that? I mean aside from a few million people, give or take.

I had only vague memories of the Mockingbird as the state bird of Mississippi. I looked that up too to be sure I was right. They quit talking about things like state birds after about the 5th grade.

And if, whatever that might be, is to be believed, school children in Georgia selected the Brown Thrasher in 1928. Mississippi didn’t name the Mockingbird to represent us until 1944 when it was selected by The Mississippi Federation of Women’s Clubs (whatever that might be).

I don’t suppose there was a reason to rush the decision.

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