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Jesus and Tomatoes Coming Soon

I got to spend some time with Kate Campbell this week, and a fine time it was. When she talked about Eudora Welty at JCJC, she said that she loves Eudora’s writing because Eudora writes […]

Here We Go Again

Mississippi makes the news again. My home state has a particular talent for making a real splash in matters of intolerance and hatred. The story of Itawamba AHS canceling prom to keep out one gay […]

Snowpocalypse South Mississippi

It’s snowing in the daytime here. That hardly ever (never) happens. They say the snow is going to stick around all weekend, but I don’t believe it, so I got out at 7 am to […]

I Congratulate Myself for Failing to Become a Lobbyist

I couldn’t be a lobbyist because I am essentially lazy. Though I do a lot of things and find myself perpetually overworked, I rarely do anything that doesn’t make sense to me on some level. […]

Keep the Arts School in Brookhaven

This week I’ve been bombarded with news of what our state legislature might be up to. None of the talk about what might be happening to education in Mississippi due to budget cuts sounds good. […]

The Yards of Ellisville

This is a particularly frightening piece of yard art that I encounter on my walks around town. But then I get to look at this and feel better. Which is, strangely enough on the same […]

In Search of Funk

There’s a problem with this picture, mainly in that it was taken outside the Liberal Arts Building on the USM campus, and it’s the best graffiti I could find. This is the building where the […]

why some people be mad at me sometimes

they ask me to remember but they want me to remember their memories and i keep on remembering mine ~Lucille Clifton, “why some people be mad at me sometimes,” from Blessing the Boats, New and […]

Margaret Walker on Poverty and Racial Conflict

Chapter 5 of Margaret Walker’s Jubilee could be read on its own as an essay. It carries some of the narrative threads of the novel, but it also offers a history lesson as well as […]

Been Down So Long

My Facebook feed has had an odd serendipity today, yielding a wonderful article about what the Saints mean to New Orleans and a report that places Mississippi in the top ten happiest states in the […]