Category: Economic Crisis

Occupy Purchasing Power

The pepper spraying incident at UC Davis brought me into the ring on the Occupy Wall Street (and everywhere else) controversy. I’ve only been half paying attention so far, to be honest. I’ve heard a […]

The Economics of Culpability

I’m on day 3 now of my attempt to write 750 words a day for my blog for the month of September. I’m not sure South Mississippi can handle 30 days of heartfelt honesty from […]

Been Down So Long

My Facebook feed has had an odd serendipity today, yielding a wonderful article about what the Saints mean to New Orleans and a report that places Mississippi in the top ten happiest states in the […]

Lost and Found

Monday morning I found a twenty dollar bill in my jacket pocket that I thought I’d lost.  I was happy I found it.  I gave my money toward an office Christmas present for our office […]