Category: Dieting

It's not you (The Diet, Day 124)

It’s not you, South Beach Diet. It’s me. Truly, it’s not your fault, but we are going to have to part company now. I’m sure you realize we’ve been drifting apart for weeks now. This […]

String Cheese Theory (The Diet, Day 121)

Found via the Uncyclopedia: When God created the Universe, He exploded a very small pizza (the singularity of italian food). This created an enormous amount of time, space and very hot strings of cheese which […]

Salad Days (The Diet, Day 115)

My diet and I are on a break from each other, but I’m still counting days so as to cling to the illusion that we haven’t actually broken up. Rocky times ahead. The holidays are […]

Hattiesburg American Column:  11/16/2010

Here’s my column that appears today in the Hattiesburg American: I started a diet over the summer when Robert St. John said in his column that he was going on a diet. I quit my […]

Spooky is a Nagging Wii (The Diet, Day 98)

“It’s Halloween,” the Wii said to mii. “Have you been eating candy?” I refused to answer. Of course I’ve been eating candy. “You’ve gained 1.5 pounds since yesterday,” the Wii said. “Do you know why?” […]

Happiness is a Four-Letter Word (The Diet, Day 88)

CAKE. Happiness is cake. Happiness is the pursuit of cake. When TJ said “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” he undoubtedly meant cake. This is a philosophy I have adopted this afternoon after a […]

Verve Lost (The Diet, Day 83)

This is about exercise, but honestly, I don’t understand my own labeling system on this blog, and I’m feeling too lazy to add a new category, so I’m just going to call this a diet […]

And a Wii we go (The Diet, Day 78)

My fitness plan has been somewhat challenged the past couple of weeks. This is code for I haven’t been exercising enough or even close to enough. I blame it on a faulty pedometer. For several […]

After 10 Weeks (The Diet, Day 71)

After 10 weeks of dieting, I’ve lost 17 pounds. Despite all of my wringing of hands and grinding of teeth over whether The Dreaded Diet was working or not, I think that does qualify me […]

October is the Devil's Own Month (The Diet, Day 67)

October might start tomorrow on most calendars, but for me it started today when someone left a bucket of Halloween candy in my office suite. Already? Really? The month of struggling to resist the proliferation […]