Spooky is a Nagging Wii (The Diet, Day 98)

“It’s Halloween,” the Wii said to mii. “Have you been eating candy?”

I refused to answer. Of course I’ve been eating candy.

“You’ve gained 1.5 pounds since yesterday,” the Wii said. “Do you know why?”

Fortunately, the Wii has no human feelings of outrage at having its controller thrown in its face. Of course, I know why, but I’d really rather you don’t ask.

When I told the Wii I didn’t know, it suggested I might have a slow metabolism and prescribed some strength training exercises to speed things along. I ignored the advice and did a few stretches and 20 minutes of jogging in place, which the Wii was kind enough to display as circling a park.

Every time I forgot what I was doing and slowed down, my brother’s avatar passed me on the track. I’m going to have to talk to the Wii about this vindictive attitude it has.

Lesson learned: Don’t do a Wii fitness test on a holiday that is centered around the consumption of candy.

Here’s hoping we all manage to jog off the Halloween candy before the Thanksgiving pies hit us right back where that came from all over again.

Lesson learned: Adjust diet goals to fit reality when entering the holiday season.

I hope I can keep up my diet. I really do. But sometimes it’s just rude to not eat a candy corn cup cake.

I told the Wii I wanted to lose 10 pounds in the next 2 months. I have a feeling I’m in for a lot of e-nagging if I don’t delete that goal soon–Thanksgiving and Christmas both fall in this time frame. It will be a test of character to see how long I go without deleting my goal and pretending I meant all along that I just wanted to avoid gaining 10 pounds.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

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