Oilmaggedon, Day 15

USA Today has an animated map that helps put the oil spill into perspective. I’ve been imagining this as a drifting blob. The map helps you see that it is spreading more than drifting. Usually, you want to calm your fears by “putting them into perspective.” I’m sorry this doesn’t do that. I’m sorry that’s […]

This Week I Have Seen

A French Poodle with its head stuck out of the window of a Dodge Ram. A man in work boots and blue jeans, speaking with a country accent, purchasing won ton wraps. A man sitting on a tractor on the side of the road, checking his Blackberry. It’s true then. This is the New South.

Random Thoughts

1. Despite the fact that tens of thousands of oil rigs have been operating in the Gulf without significant incident for decades, it only takes one catastrophic incident from one rig to kill a whole ocean. 2. No one, not even giant companies with giant budgets at stake, can be trusted to be prepared for […]

Not Necessarily the News

As I now have the opportunity to come out of my grading coma a little, I’ve attempted to catch up a little on what’s going on the world today. Mistake, mistake, mistake. At least, the way I went about it was a mistake. I tried to watch some news on TV. Why do I continue […]