Twittoum: A Poetic Experiment

Twittoum by Sharon Gerald  Download now or listen on posterous Twittoum.mp3 (8597 KB) Steeped in the tea kettleā€™s whistle, thinking of the you you made for me,I toggle my wants and repulsions to the beat of your inattentiveness.Last night I dreamed I played a flute again and talked, like Yeats, of poetry,Our love for it and […]

The Cuz Club, 2nd Gen

When my nieces were little, they created “The Cuz Club” and held regular meetings at my parents’ house. The effort was spearheaded by Jessica, who appointed the officers every year and somehow always ended up as president. It seems inevitable now that she has become a lawyer, having conceived the notion of familial political action […]