WYWOF: Day 2

The image here is a screen capture to show the "before" look to www.sgerald.net.  Today I spent about 15 minutes making changes as per my decision yesterday to play along with Karl Stolley's www.whileyouwereonfacebook.com challenge. 

The color is not a big change.  All I did was to choose a different color in a drop down menu.  I like green, but I don't think I like that shade of green.  Tomorrow I might play around with typing in color codes to see what I get.

The biggest change is that I went to a four column with no sidebar layout.  I don't know if that will work out or not.  I need to create my content to see what it looks like first. 

The old content is still there…just hidden.  Still, I'm thinking of a clean sweep for this redo. 

We'll see. 

And now I think I've actually spent more time composing this email than I spent redoing my site today.  And it is an email, by the way.  It will go to my Posterous site and from there it will be automatically posted to www.writerlyhaphazardry.net, which is my intended target for it.

Why, you ask send it this way instead of just logging in to Writerly Haphazardry and typing it there?  Okay, so you didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway.

Most of the pictures that I post on WH are posted from Flickr.  I didn't want to upload this image to Flickr, and it takes longer to upload a picture into WH than it does to send it as an email attachment to Posterous.

Something is wrong with my WordPress installation at WH, making picture posting a funky process.  The whole thing needs to be deleted and reinstalled, but that will be for another project…

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