While You Were on Facebook

Karl Stolley posted a link to his new site, While You Were on Facebook, on Facebook. How else would I have ever known about it?

So the challenge has been issued. This summer spend 15 minutes a day doing something other than goofing off on Facebook. But no, don’t do just anything. Don’t do the other mindless stuff you used to waste time with before Facebook. Work on redesigning your website.

In just 15 minutes a day, my Facebook friend says, of not hanging out on Facebook, you can have a great new design for your site soon enough.

I have just two things to say to that. One, how do you stop after just 15 minutes? How do you eat just one Lays? How do you keep from biting the Tootsie Pop after just three licks?

Maybe Karl is a little less obsessive or a little more disciplined. I can spend three days trying to figure out how to make something work without even noticing time has passed.

Two, I don’t actually design anything on my sites. I install templates that other people designed and twiddle around trying to make them work for me. Can I play too, Karl? Can I?

I want to redo www.sgerald.net this summer (to start with). And, by the way, it occurs to me that Karl might be the only person I know with more domain names than I have registered to himself just for the kicks of it.

Sgerald.net was my first. I wandered away from it at some point when I thought of something snazzier to do with www.writerlyhaphazardry.net. I stuck some stuff there last summer, but it isn’t really doing anything. I want to make it do something.

And the whole idea of a Flickr slide show on the main page just to provide a little diversion worked a lot better when I only had about 12 images on Flickr total. If you sit there and watch the whole show of my photo stream at this point, hat’s off to you.

Today, my 15 minutes seem to be taken up with writing this post and wondering just what the heck I am going to do to redo sgerald. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll go so far as perusing through possible new templates. It’s a little like shopping for new personalities. I like it.

Thanks, Karl. I so needed a new summer project.

2 thoughts on “While You Were on Facebook”

  • Thanks so much for blogging about this, Sharon! I’m so thrilled you’re going to play along.

    For the record, I doubt I’ll do 15 a day; probably more like working a little longer, a couple of days a week.

  • Thank you, Karl. I think this is a great idea. Such a non-threatening way to take on a project.

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