April 22, 2024

I believe I can fly

I’ve often been amused by the quote that makes its way around social media from time to time: “Lord grant me the confidence of a mediocre white man.” Because yes. I’ve met those guys. And no. Not all white guys are like that, mediocre or otherwise, but it is a joke, so it’s okay to be amused.

Really, I think anyone, male or female, who has aspired to creative pursuits, has met with condescension from others who pursue the same interests, and it is always frustrating and unnerving, but people who are truly confident don’t have to prove their worth to others and don’t set out to belittle others, so the proper response to being the recipient of artistic condescension is to pity the fool. Confident people encourage others. Only people who are unhappy try to make other people lose confidence.

Lord help me to remember this. Help me to remember when I am doing my job of teaching people new skills that I need to take the time to give encouragement as well as critical feedback. Help me to remember the times people have treated me to condescension when I needed encouragement, and help me not to be that person.

But as for the kind of confidence I want, grant me the confidence of my little bitty puppy. Give her just a little room, and she will run like the wind. Grant me that spirit, please. Let me be all in whenever I’ve committed myself. Let me give everything I have to every moment. Grant me the confidence of that little baby dog.

For your pleasure, a few more shots of Lucy Peanut from today:

Cold Stare

Dog in Charge (1)

Dog in Charge (2)

Dog in Charge (3)

Dog in Charge (4)

I feel pretty

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