Just Start Somewhere


Cranes 25-27 of 1000 for 2016.

The coffee mug pictured is by Wyatt Waters, a Mississippi artist. The building depicted is a real building in Brookhaven, MS, and yes, it does have a giant coffee pot on top. That’s what I love about the South.

So it’s Day 8 now, and I’m still making cranes. I feel like I’ve accomplished something even though that’s only 8 of the 365 days needed to complete my project.

What I haven’t accomplished is to figure out how to fit exercise back into my post-holiday life. Today, however, I decided to go with the “just start somewhere” plan. My idea was that I would jog in place for five minutes at a time at least five times throughout the day today. I ended up jogging in place for three minutes at a time three times today. I’m counting it. That’s somewhere. That’s a start. Maybe tomorrow I will build up to four minutes at a time four times, or at least keep up the 3×3 attempt. Success is setting realistic expectations, after all.

Just start somewhere.

If that’s not enough for you, at least you get to look at my awesome coffee mug, so your trip to my blog is not entirely wasted.

Have a good one, my friends.

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