A walk in the park

Lucy Peanut tucks her tail when she hears a peculiar sound.

Lucy Peanut and I went to the park today, and she heard another dog bark (one that was inside a fence and just saying hello) and made herself bigger by hopping up on the nearest available bench. Alice, the little mannequin, was already there, and I intended to photograph her. I had to move Alice to an alternate location to get Lucy P away from the big and scary dog. See how LP’s little tail is tucked in. She was pretty much convinced we were about to be attacked by a monster.

This is what Alice ended up with:

Alice is approached by a wiry guy at the park.

Alice has met a a guy named Adam. He’s a wiry sort.

I walked about two miles today in the interest of taking photographs and in the interest of giving Lucy Peanut a chance to play off leash in a safe place (safe except for big and scary barking dogs). Lucy P walked about 20 miles for my two, weaving back and forth in front of me and running circles around me. Guess which one of us was tired when we came home and which one of us begged to stay outside and keep playing? The dog is inexhaustible. The girl is highly exhaustible.

My photo prompt for today was warm. This is my shot for the prompt:

Pepper Man in Black and White

Pepper is warm, right? And if it isn’t warm enough, the sun flare behind the Pepper Man should count.

This little guy is hanging in my friend’s tree. There’s a whole folk art village in that tree, and I plan to photograph everything in it before this 365 project is over. I’m really thankful for the tree. January is always that time of year when nature doesn’t provide as much variety for photographic discovery as I prefer.

That’s not to say nature is completely stingy in winter.

Here is my crane shot for today:


These are cranes 31-33 out of a planned 1000 for the year 2016.

The red berries were a random find from my walk. These berries, and the possibility of finding something like them, are the reason I went outside today.

I keep asking myself why I’m doing this. It takes some time to come up with photographs to post every day, and I have to admit I’m not feeling particularly inspired right now. I’m not doing anything brilliant. I’m not pushing myself to learn new skills. I’m basically just using a nice camera to take snapshots. I’m not necessarily impressing myself.

But then I remember that I would miss seeing all of the small spaces of beauty that I see when I pick up my camera if I weren’t doing this, and I figure that’s reason enough.

Peace and love, my friends.

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