Always trust your cape

A few days ago, my little Stella Calico Kitty climbed up on top of a cabinet and convinced herself she couldn’t get down on her own. She cried for me to come rescue her. This is a regular occurrence in my house, and I always go to her when she cries. This time I was in the middle of doing something, though, and I was slow to respond. I knew it wouldn’t hurt her to stay up there a little bit longer, so I just kept doing what I was doing while Stella Calico kept crying. Eventually, I realized that I had forgotten all about rescuing her and that she was down and running around playing. She got tired of waiting to be rescued and rescued herself. She had the power to rescue herself all along, but she had to cry until she disgusted herself with the whole business before she realized this.

So much of life is wasted in this way, waiting for someone or something to rescue us from fears we can escape on our own whenever we are ready. Like Dorothy, we all have to learn in our own way that the most powerful magic is inside ourselves.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The power is inside you. Close your eyes and click your heels and go where you need to go by the force of your own self-reliance.

Sometimes this might require a real leap of faith.

Sometimes leaps of faith leave us with breaks and bruises, but that’s okay. The magic is in the leap. The magic is in the faith.

Always trust your cape. Always take the leap toward your own dreams. Always believe in yourself and the power you have had along to go where you need to go.

That said, my answer to the gentleman who has recently tried to talk me into taking up sky diving is still no. I will be spreading my wings in my own way, but it isn’t a goal of mine to step out of a perfectly good airplane. I will make my jumps a little closer to the ground.

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