From the Haphazard Kitchen

It’s summer.  That means I’m supposed to surface from the vast ocean of mental activities I’ve been nearly drowning in for months and actually notice the world around me.  It means I’m supposed to start caring about my health again, start cooking instead of poking things at random in the microwave.

This may require baby steps, but I’m taking the first step today.  I have some sort of lazy pasta thing in the oven.  You too can make lazy pasta.

1.  Cook some noodles.  I dropped some angel hair pasta in boiling water and left it until I guessed it might be tender enough.

2. In a big bowl, dump a big carton of ricotta cheese.  

3. Take a couple of containers of pesto sauce, ready made of course, and dump them in with the cheese.  Mix until it looks green and glumpy enough to suit.

4. Mix your cooked noodles in.

5. Dump the glump of cheese, noodles and pesto in a casserole dish.

6.  Top with marinara and mozzarella cheese.  

7.  Stick in the oven and leave until it gets all bubbly.

Mine is in the oven now.  Wish me luck with it.

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