February 22, 2024
From South Beach Diet Pics

$15 spent at the Hattiesburg farmer’s market to have the peas shelled and the beans snapped. Plus, I didn’t even have to think what I needed. The ladies told me: “You need some peas with your tomatoes and squash, don’t you, honey?”


100% South Beach Diet Phase 1 approved.

4 thoughts on “Farmer's Market

  1. My squash never did anything, and my tomatoes are down to the scrappy remains. These tomatoes were prettier, and the lady really wanted to sell them to me.

  2. I got the plates at Trees and Trends years ago. I think they were 75% off. 🙂

    The Hattiesburg FM is on Corinne, just off Broadway. The turn is somewhere right near the Dumas Motel. They are open Saturday mornings year round.

    You can also buy local veggies at the fruit stand in Ellisville.

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