Meet the New Look

I’ve dilly-dallied, moved around, taken long vacations from blogging and made every other possible wrong move with my blog the last couple of years if my goal is to establish and maintain an audience.  And here I am moving yet again.  I’ve tried to give out only the url the past few month because I knew I was likely to move again.  If people have linked to that, it’s all good.  If they’ve subscribed to rss feeds on Typepad, well, that’s not going to work.  Once again I’ve disrupted any fledgling audience I may have had.

Not only that.  I’ve also created a lot of work for myself.  I had to install this and each iteration I’ve set up as part of the Writerly Haphazardry family the hard way.  As hard as it gets with WordPress anyway.  I had to go to the server control panel and click auto-install several times.  Then I had to upload the plugins and themes I wanted and make sure they were unzipped in the right folders.  It’s not rocket science, but it is time consuming.  As will be reworking my links and pages and copying my content over before I cancel my old account.

So why am I doing this to myself?  Simple.  I haven’t been happy.  All this time I’ve been looking for a place to be blog happy.   That wasn’t Drupal, and it wasn’t Typepad.  It wasn’t even

I’m so thrilled with this version of WordPress, though, that I’ve just installed it about eight times.  It’s pretty.  What can I say?  It’s easy to feel very slick with this.  Instead of the dozens of templates to choose from on Blogger, or Typepad, you’ve got hundreds of free WordPress theme downloads available to make your site look very nice.  You also only have to know a little bit about html and css to tweak the themes yourself.  Very slick stuff.

Therefore, I’m staying here for a good long while.  Really.  I’m not kidding this time.

A few years ago at CCCC, I saw the name tag Jeff Rice walk by.  I didn’t think “There’s Jeff Rice.”  I thought “There’s Yellow Dog.”  He had blogdentity.

I’m not exactly shooting for having everyone call me Haphazardry.  I just want my blog to be in a place where everybody knows its name.  Wish me luck.  Cheers.

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