Month: December 2009

The Flip:  It's What's for Christmas

If you have kids, parents, teachers, grandparents, or people in general on your Christmas list that you love enough to spend $150 or more on, The Flip cam is the thing this year. YouTube tells […]

The Voices Inside My Head Don't Have to Breathe

I do. I have to breathe. When I stand in front of a group of people to read poetry, I have to breathe. I wish I wrote with my own need to breathe in mind. […]

Let them read Captain Underpants

As an act of blogging, I’m cheating today by posting something I wrote last week. Click here to read my column that appeared today in the Hattiesburg American. Or just keep reading. Here’s the column: […]

Sherman vs. Kindle

 The above video is just icing. The one I want to respond to is Sherman Alexie’s appearance last night on The Colbert Report. Something there is that doesn’t heart the Kindle. Alexie, National Book […]

Notice of Intent to Write

It’s December 1, and I find myself with a wild hair about blogging my way through the month of December. A post a day for a month on this blog or another is my very […]