Thursday Cat Blogging

Remember my cat in the houseplant problem?

Mowgli Grazing

I’ve now repotted the little plants I bought and put them up in high places. That might have kept a toddler out of them, but it doesn’t do much to discourage a cat. He keeps jumping to the top of a book case to get at a particularly yummy plant.

When he does, I fuss at him and rattle some noisy paper at him and make him get down. He stays down until I turn my back or until he decides to defy me to my face, whichever comes first.

Today, I was in another room, and I heard Mowgli calling to me. I went into the living room to see that he was on top of the book case eating the plant. He had called me in to see him do it.

That’s when I realized that all this week when I’ve believed I was disciplining my cat I was in fact just playing the “uh oh” game with him.

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