Category: Things my mixed-up life taught me

Try, Try, Try

Today’s photo: Alice accepts that friendship is risky. Today’s extra photos: Self-Portrait of an Introvert The introvert tries again to pose for a selfie Today’s lesson: Whether you succeed or not, just keep trying. My […]

Got that Wednesday afternoon religion

Today’s photo: Alice is a spiritual work in progress. Today’s lesson: One person’s cliche is another person’s tried-and-true. When I took a picture of Alice on New Year’s Day, I was just taking a picture […]

In which math is a snug pair of pants

Today’s photo: This time of year the numbers really start to bother a girl like Alice. Today’s lesson: Embrace your failures. I consider this shot a failure mainly because I hated it almost as soon […]

Use the in-between times

Today’s photo: Alice’s attitude was a touch frosty toward going to work this morning. Today’s lesson: If you don’t have time to meet your goals, use the in-between times. This was my first day back […]

The happy you take is equal to the happy you make

Today’s photo: Some days Alice just wants to take a potato to the park. Today’s lesson: The redeeming moments in any given day are small but prolific. Grab the happy where you can. Since this […]

Just do something, Alice #photo365 #lifelesson

Today’s photo: Alice isn’t sure green is her color. Today’s lesson: Every little bit counts. If you don’t think you can do it all, just get up and do something. Alice is already feeling bad […]