Breakfast of Champions (The Diet, Day 27)

From South Beach Diet Pics

I decided I would go ahead and blog today’s diet update while I was still on top of my day. This is breakfast–a peanut butter cup smoothie made by a recipe found by way of Kalyn’s Kitchen. I don’t know who Kalyn is, but I love her kitchen.

I’m guessing my breakfast smoothie has about 400 calories, and I know it has the 16 grams of fat that were in the two tablespoons of peanut butter, but I don’t care. It’s worth it to start the day out with a treat.

Breakfast has been the hardest part for me because I can’t just stay home and have a leisurely cooked breakfast. I have to eat on the run. When all convenience foods and even plain old wheat toast are banned, that makes it pretty tough.

I’m sort of wallowing in the chance to drink a leisurely smoothie this morning.

From South Beach Diet Pics

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