Before and After: Photos from the MS Gulf Coast

Here are just a few of the before and after editing views of the pictures I’ve been playing around with today. I’m doing this for my benefit so that I can see the variations on the shots next to each other. Anyone else who wants to look is welcome.

Five Years After the Storm

Original Photo:


Edited Version:

Administration Building

Bird on a Pier

Original Photo:


Edited Version:

Bird on Pier

Bird on a Pier II

Original Photo:


Edited Version:

Bird on Pier II

Bird on a Pier III

Original Photo:


Edited Version:

Bird on Pier III

Now I have to decided which one(s) of them all I like best, and whether I like it (or them) well enough to submit to the Composing With Images book on the Gulf Coast. I have all the way up until tomorrow to decide whether to submit anything. I’m not sure I have the confidence. I’m very much an amateur here. I even used a free online photo editor because I don’t understand Photoshop. 🙂

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  • Sharon, submit them!!!! Bill and I talked this morning and we’d love to have your images included. I really like your perspective and your images are different from the ones we’ve received from others. (Like me, other folks want to take photos of water. ;-)) So, please, submit!

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