December 1, 2023

On Friday I posted a chapter of a novel-in-progress to Scribd and then embedded the Scribd document into a blog post here. I then proceeded to express my deep embarrassment over this fact.

I went to a grad school you see where people learn how to be real writers. Nothing about the story I’ve been working on qualifies as real writing according to my schooling. It’s a fantasy novel. It’s escapism. It’s an embarrassment to the word writer and to the entire concept of “Center for Writers alum.”

It’s also a featured document on Scribd today.


Gordon Weaver would have tossed me out of class for this, but Gordon Weaver apparently doesn’t pick featured stories on Scribd.

Still, much to his embarrassment he taught me everything I’ll ever know about creating the kind of voice in writing that makes the idle escapism readers of the world want to engage.

Thanks, Gord. This one’s for you.

Tomorrow the whole world will likely forget I ever wrote a word, but today my story has been opened at least 300 times so far on Scribd.


Take that, weird leftover grad school shame.

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