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Wolf's Passage Chapter 4

I decided I was going to have to either quit posting chapters of this or quit apologizing for posting them.  🙂 So here is chapter 4 of the fantasy novel I am writing for personal […]

Chapter 3 (fantasy novel of embarrassingly fluffy intent)

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Chapter 2 of the Novel of Shamefully Fluffy Character

Wolf’s Passage Chapter 2 Chapter 1 Available on Scribd.

A Star for a Day

On Friday I posted a chapter of a novel-in-progress to Scribd and then embedded the Scribd document into a blog post here. I then proceeded to express my deep embarrassment over this fact. I went […]

In which she fantasizes she is a fiction writer

I have at least a million things I should be working on. Probably it is closer to two or three million. But none of that mattered today. Today I woke up thinking about how Bill […]