Day 2: National Poetry Month

My Journally prompt today is “Like a cheap pair of shoes, ________ pinches at my day until….”

Here’s what I’ve done with it:

Like a cheap pair of shoes the desire to please too many people pinches at my day until I displease everyone with equal aplomb. I am digging in the dirt while you wait for my attention, neglecting plants as I look up, for a moment, to speak to you. Always it is the same. Bad news, impatience, fatigue, the probability of failing in ways we haven’t yet considered trying insinuate into the very air. There is much to be done. In that way, our disregard for each other does not change. But the sun is purple against the evening sky, and here I squat amongst drooping petunias to breathe.

(Let’s just call it a prose poem for now.)

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