Water, Water, Everywhere


And…well…plenty of it to drink too, I suppose. Gloomy, wet, busy, anxious, stretched-beyond-limits kind of day, it was. In part. I also had a nice visit with a campus guest, and I received a surprise computer from my department. We were called to a sudden meeting, which felt a lot like a whole class being sent to the principal’s office at once. We didn’t know what we’d done, but we were fully prepared to blame someone else. As it turns out, our names had all been drawn for the door prize of the day, an HP Mini. It’s a cutie pie. It needs a new purse to wear, though.

That’s all I have. I’m glad I’ve been taking so many pictures lately. I’m too tired to string thoughts together, and pictures seem to be good substitutes if I’m going stick to my plan of posting something new to the blog every day. I’m not sure how that helps me as a writer, but it does help me claim I haven’t quit the blog-a-day program yet. I believe today is Day 68. I’m right on track to make it maybe even as far as 75 days. That, I’m nearly certain, would beat my previous record.

So today I am grateful for cameras and cutie pie computers. Not a bad day at all when I put it like that.

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