The Idealistic Personality

Here’s a video about the INFP personality (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving). This is my personality type, and I’ve been trying to learn more about it (and myself) lately.

The INFP is one of the personality types labeled as “Idealist.” Here are some videos about Idealists.

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Idealists and Relationships

Part 3: Childhood, Adulthood, and Leadership

I wouldn’t say that I fit these descriptions 100%, but I’m certainly close enough for all of this to be highly informative. It helps to know that some of my issues with life, the universe, and everything stem from my personality type and not from a personality disorder. In these days of diagnosing everyone with mental health issues, anything off the beaten path tends to get labeled as a disorder. According to some estimates, INFPs make up no more than 5% of the population. That’s a ways off the beaten path.

True to my personality type, I plan to devote a great deal of time to meditating over what all of this means. Let’s just hope I also manage to get a few other things done today as well.

To learn more about your own personality type, take the Myers Briggs test online at Human Metrics. If you are also an Idealist, be sure to come back and tell me, and we will contemplate the meaning of life and personality together…but possibly from a distance because I am also highly introverted.

1 thought on “The Idealistic Personality”

  • ISTJ
    Introvert(89%) Sensing(12%) Thinking(1%) Judging(67%)
    •You have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (89%)
    •You have slight preference of Sensing over Intuition (12%)
    •You have marginal or no preference of Thinking over Feeling (1%)
    •You have distinctive preference of Judging over Perceiving (67%)

    Although I already knew I was an ‘introvert’ I thought taking the test might shed further insight into my personality. As I read through the results I found it pretty accurate. I like being a background person and living my life quietly. Thanks for giving me something to ponder. 🙂

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