Day 65: Blossoming

(iPhone photo #65 in my 2012 365+1 project)

After taking more than a week off from my attempts at something resembling exercise, I finally got out and walked a little today. I think that means I’m feeling better. It at least means I’m feeling well enough to know I should be in a state of panic over all of the work I need to do. I did remember to panic today. I went out and walked around looking for calm. Maybe I’m getting there, and maybe I’m not. All I really know is that I’ve recovered enough energy to know when to panic. If I keep this up, by tomorrow I ought to be right back up to record levels of attempted exercise.

If the whole thing doesn’t backfire, sending me into an exhausted collapse before I every get back on track (and yes, I mean literally on the track), maybe I’ll try to get some closer up photos of pear blossoms. They are really quite lovely today.

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