Spring time is the right time

Day 57: New day blooms

(iPhone photo #57 in my 2012 365+1 project)

My 6-year-old nephew explained to me today that you have to wait until spring to plant a garden if you want it to grow. He said this is the best way. He wanted to be sure my father, who has been working gardens for the past 70 years or more, understood this as well. My father had cleared out some of the area around his garden this week, and I think my nephew thought he was about to start planting too soon. Spring time is the right time, he said. I don’t know who told him that, but he was concerned that we all understood.

I’ve decided spring time is the right time for resolutions as well. I have no resolution accomplishments to report today, and I’m afraid I won’t have anything much for the next few weeks. I’ve been sick. I’ve also been out of town for a conference. Now I’m just overwhelmed.

I’ll keep posting my pictures for the next few weeks, but I may not try to write many updates on my personal progress until I’ve had time to regroup a little.

I got completely off my exercise plan this week, and now I need to spend some time catching up on work before I can even think about catching up on exercise. I also need to be sure I’m over my infection this time. There’s at least some possibility that the reason I can’t shake my cold is because I’ve been pushing myself too hard.

So…enough of that for now.

I’m going to be buried in work for the next couple of weeks. I’ll do only what I can do and not even a little bit more in the way of exercise during that time. Maybe by spring break I’ll be ready to regroup and get a new plan together.

Meanwhile, the signs of the season are everywhere. It won’t be long now before it really is time to plant. The fruit trees are starting to bloom, as you can see from the picture above. By the time there is fruit, you’d better move fast to beat me to it. I’ll be back on a plan, and I’m certain my spring resolutions will far outshine my winter resolutions. I just don’t see how they could help it.

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