The Biggest Gloomsday


(iPhone photo #26 in my 2012 365 +1 project)

Gloomy is such a mild term for what this morning was. Downright miserable might be getting closer. It came a gully-washer. I wondered if I needed a boat to get to work when I left my house, and by the time I made it to the office, I wondered if I should have been scouting out arks instead.

The most I can report on my resolution journal tonight is that I did show up for work today. That required a full measure of adult responsibility. I had nothing left to give.

The only way I can claim to have met a goal is to consider things I did not do.

I did not crawl back in bed when I saw that the sky was falling.
I did not at any point during the day purchase candy from a machine.
I did not close my door and pretend I wasn’t there after I got to work.
I did not go to bed the minute I came home from work.
I did not tell the cat to get a job when she asked to be fed.

All in all I consider it an absolute success of a real gloomsday.

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