In with the new #photoaday #project365

Day 1:  In with the new

1 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — In with the new.

It was nice to have New Year’s Day fall on a Sunday this year. I welcomed 2012 this morning at my parents’ church.

It looks like I’m starting a new 365 project today. Whether it will really be a 365 or not, I can’t say right now. I just know I finished my 2011 project yesterday, and I took a picture today. I think I may do a more relaxed version of the 365 this year. For 2011, I didn’t miss a single day of taking a photograph. In 2012, I really see nothing wrong with allowing myself to make up missed days after the fact.

You can view all 365 of my daily shots for 2011 on Flickr. Here’s the link to the set —

If you have it in you to watch that long (which I certainly do not), you could see it as a slide show.

In the next few days, I’ll go through and pick out some of my favorites from the year to post.

I’m not sure whether I feel like I’ve accomplished anything or not by completing a 365. It’s the biggest thing I finished this year, though, so I’ll list it under accomplishments whether it counts or not.

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