The Chicken or the Egg #photoaday #project365

Day 311:  The Chicken or the Egg

311 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Hard light.

Is this a chicken or an egg? Neither. It’s a salt shaker. Don’t let it confuse you.

Is it hard to tell the difference between a chicken and an egg? Not really. If you crack one open, you can easily see whether there is a chick inside or a yolk.

Tomorrow, Mississippi votes on whether to grant rights of personhood to fertilized eggs. Yolks are not baby chicks, and eggs are not baby humans. Confusing an egg with a fetus could have profound consequences for health care for women. Women are people. Eggs are not. With no intervention from human behavior, about 2/3s of fertilized eggs never implant and never become people. This is the system nature designed. Nature does not give the same status to the egg and the person. Laws that give the same status to the egg as to the woman are dangerous to women. Women are people. Whatever else we do, let’s not forget that the woman is the person.

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