Vegetarian Collard Green Gumbo

In the spirit of food writing, since I’ve just read the Julia Child book and all that, I thought I’d share what I’ve been eating this weekend, aside from pears and grapes, of course. I heard about a recipe for collard green soup that was making the rounds. Because I’m a vegetarian I didn’t want to make it the way it was told to me. Because I’m lazy I didn’t bother to look up a vegetarian recipe or deliberately search out proper ingredients. This is what I did.

While in the grocery store, I happened to noticed a bag of frozen collard greens, and I remembered the collard green soup deal. Next to the collard greens was a bag of frozen gumbo vegetables. I bought both. I didn’t think what I was going to do with them beyond that, but at home I dumped them into the crock pot and started looking for things to add. I put in water and vegetable bullion cubes. I added a can of hoppin’ john and a can of Rotel. I walked into the other room and forgot about it for about six or eight hours. That’s all.

The taste is surprisingly good. I don’t really care for the texture of the frozen vegetables, but goodness knows I wasn’t going to chop all of that. Still, chopping your own vegetables would probably yield much nicer results. All in all, though, I’m enjoying this. Collards are good food.

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