You Are a Friend of Mine #photoaday #project365

Day 242:  You Are a Friend of Mine

242 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Friend.

I stayed late at the office today just trying to catch up a little. Did I mention that we moved into this lovely new building just as school was starting? The building is wonderful, but the move itself meant that I wasn’t quite organized for school to start, and I’ve been putting in a lot of time there trying to get to the point of feeling organized. Since I’ve never been an organized person a day in my life, this is causing me to have a few uncalm moments here and there.

At the end of the day today, I walked outside to clear my head. I wondered how I was going to do the photo prompt of “friend.” I took some pictures of ducks. I took some pictures of the football team practicing. I took some pictures of a black dog who did not want his picture made.

The ducks did a fine job of modeling, but I wasn’t quite sure they were my friends. I was still wondering if I’d snap the winner today when I looked up as I approached my building to see my boss waving at me (or someone near me in the parking lot) from the top floor balcony.

Jesse Smith, you are my friend of the day. You beat out a duck, a football team, and your own dog for the job. I hope you feel the love.

Here’s my runner up for friend of the day. The one on the left was totally bonding with me. That, or it wanted to kill me.

Duck, Duck, Duck

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