I’m still technologically marooned with no Internet other than what I can get through my phone. I’ve been gone all day, so I don’t know if my cable Internet has been out continuously or if it has just gone out again. If it is still off tomorrow, it will be time to find out.

Meanwhile, I have taken my daily pictures, but I’m unable to post them. A more dedicated photo-blogger would probably take the laptop to McDonalds to upload via free Wi-Fi, but eight now the main thing I’m dedicated to is getting some rest.

Is it just me, or is Comcast experiencing more issues than normal lately? Does anyone out there have one if those Internet hub things from Verizon? Would it even work in my area? Would the signal be strong enough to handle large photo files? These are things I’d like to know.

3 thoughts on “Marooned”

  1. I bet your modem has been end-of-lifed by comcast. Happened to me. Twice. First time, it was *their* modem. Second time, it was mine. Neither time did they warn me. Google comcast end of life.

  2. You were right, Ben. Comcast did an upgrade on the system that made my modem obsolete. They didn’t send out any notifications. Grrrr…

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