Five Minutes from Blue Bubblegum Cream #photoaday #project365

Day 146:  Five Minutes from Blue Bubblegum Cream

146 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Five minutes from home.

This Sno Biz (snow cone stand) is a five minute drive from my house. I’m pretty sure I could go five minutes in any direction during the height of summer and find one. I haven’t stopped for a snow cone in years, though. Now that I’ve studied the flavors, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to go back to some blue bubblegum ice with cream.

If you want to pick out your own snow cone flavor (or flavour if you prefer), you can see them here —

As it happens, before I saw the photo prompt for today, I was out last night taking pictures around town. Here are a few shots from places that might be more than 5 minutes from my house but are still pretty close by.

Presbyterian Church on Bay Street

Church in Evening Sun

Train Depot

Depot at Dusk

Depot at Dusk 2

Trent Lott Center at The University of Southern Mississippi

Lott Center

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