Step Away from the Buffet #photoaday #project365

Day 50:  Step Away from the Buffet

50 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — The End.

This is the end of a buffet-style restaurant in Hattiesburg. It’s being torn down now. I’ve forgotten the name of it. Barnhill’s maybe?

When I saw that the prompt for today was “the end,” my first thought was to take a picture of my cat. She is sick, and because she is very old, I may be looking at having to let her go soon. I just couldn’t do it, though. I couldn’t let myself believe before I had to that this might be the end for her.

Then I remembered this halfway-torn-down restaurant, and I hopped in the car with the camera.

Here’s another shot.

Step Away from the Buffet 2

There is a strange beauty to be found even in the most average of items and even in the most desolate of locations. This is what the camera has to teach.

1 thought on “Step Away from the Buffet #photoaday #project365”

  • Thinking about you and the kitties…you can let go. Just like I have to let go to the fat guy who loved buffets. I haven’t been to a buffet in literally years. Love is transitory, but very important; we have to hang on as long as we can, and when that’s gone, find something else to love.

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