February 22, 2024

Day 30:  Waiting for Sunrise

30 of 365. Our Daily Challenge prompt — Parking Garage.

This was taken on the upper level of the two floor parking garage at Wesley Hospital in Hattiesburg. It may not be the most impressive parking garage in the world, but it was the best I could come up with today. We don’t have a whole lot of parking garages in Hattiesburg. I suppose I could have gone to the other hospital, but this one was closer.

I think the people who come up with these prompts must live in cities. No one from a small town would have even thought of “parking garage” as a place for taking photographs.

I called this one “Waiting for Sunrise” because I wondered what the person who owned that one lone car on the upper level of the parking garage at dawn on a Sunday morning was doing there. I imagined he or she was waiting for something.

And because I got up and about way too early for the one day I didn’t have to, I have a few other sunrise shots to share.

A truck driving down Highway 98 right in front of Wesley Hospital.


Sunrise over Best Buy. I wasn’t expecting to shop for electronics. I had actually stopped for the ATM so that I could make sure I wasn’t overdrawn on the last day before a long-awaited pay day.


This one was taken on the way back to my house. It’s on my street.


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