July 15, 2024

Day 6:  Just 5 more minutes, please

6 of 365. Even ducks like to sleep in on a day like today.

This was taken at the lake on the JCJC campus this morning. Ducks will probably feature in my 365 project almost as often as cats. The lake is the easiest natural setting to walk to from my office. I’ve also vowed that instead of sitting at my desk feeling anxious when Blackboard and/or the campus Internet connection goes down, I’m going to just pick up my camera and go for a walk. The walk will calm me down and, with luck, get me out of the office just long enough for technology failures to right themselves again.

Last semester we had some sort of Blackboard issue nearly every day. I was at my wit’s end. I didn’t like wit’s end very much. I don’t want to go back. Look for lots of pictures of ducks in the coming months.

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