Let the resolutions commence

IMG_0046Welcome to 2011 and the all new installation of WH.  The blog switch over went off without a hitch if you don’t count accidentally deleting my sub-domains in the process a hitch.  I didn’t much use them anyway, but I am kind of bummed about deleting Journally.  One day maybe I’ll scratch up the courage to rebuild it.  Meanwhile, it’s happy blogging here, and a happy new year to all.

I plan to lose weight, get my house in order, become debt free, post the the blog every day, take a picture every day, be more socially aware and responsible, and become an all around better person.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with a list like that today.  No sweat.  Kid stuff.  Let’s get together in June when we are all skinnier, happier, more organized people.

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