Salad for Breakfast, or Born to Run

From South Beach Diet Pics

Last summer I read Born to Run. It’s great. Lots of running. You should do like I did and read it through your iPod ear buds while running. Okay, the running part was more like meandering for me, but you get the point. The audio book is well done, and it makes for good exercise listening.

Someone in the book suggested to one these extreme marathon runners that he eat salad for breakfast. Salad is energy food. Salad is light enough that you won’t puke it up if go out and run up a mountain right after breakfast.

I thought salad for breakfast was a great idea even for those who are only going to follow breakfast with a marathon of sitting. Unfortunately, salad requires assembling parts, and who has time for that on a typical working morning?

Today is neither a typical morning nor a working morning for me. I’m on break. I made the salad pictured above for breakfast. Those are garlic roasted beets on the side. The crumbled up stuff is leftover falafel. This is a salad that would seem to call for a nice cucumber yogurt dressing. I didn’t have that on hand, so I used comeback sauce instead. That’s a Mississippi thing.

It was surprisingly tasty, and thanks to the comeback sauce I now require no further fat grams for the rest of the week.

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