On Theme Blogging and Theme Parks

I’ve been working on a series of articles on gay rights and the religious conflicts and implications thereof. I’m not done yet with that, but I have to take a break while I go to Orlando where I will be so busy attending meetings that I probably won’t have time to post anything more than Disney pictures on the blog.

Meanwhile, here’s an anti-bullying PSA from the NOH8 campaign.

And yes, I did hear about this video from The Daily Show.

Theme blogging seems to get me in all kinds of trouble. Probably, that’s why I plan to do a lot more of it. I think sustained writing on a particular topic is an invaluable experience. It pushes you to think and to clarify your values as well as your opinions.

I’ve been using class themes in English Composition II for a few years now. I’m considering using them in English Composition I as well now that I’ve seen what it does for me to write again and again on the same topic. Basically, I believe if you have something important to say, you can’t get there in one sitting. You probably don’t even know what it is you have to say yet in the first attempt. You need to read, reflect, talk it out with others, write, think about what you’ve written, read, reflect, talk, and write a little more before it starts coming together.

It doesn’t matter how much you already know or how firm your opinions already are; you don’t know as much now as you will after spending some sustained time writing about a given topic.

I’ll finish up (or at least finish for now) my blogging on gay rights in a couple of weeks, and then I’ll pick some new topics. I’d like to adopt a monthly theme where I write at least several times a week on a particular topic for a month or so at a time. This is an idea I’m tossing around for 2011 blogging. We all need our little challenges to keep ourselves going.

I might just go with the easy problems at first like alleviating world poverty and saving the environment. Maybe I’ll do some literary themes. Flannery O-Connor sits on my shelf looking like she needs some attention from me. It’s anybody’s guess.

“Is the blog dead now,” somebody asked me recently. Well, I don’t know about yours, but mine isn’t dead. I’m five-years-old as a blogger. I should be just about ready for blog kindergarten by now.

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