Month: January 2012

Run with the big dogs into the high grass  #photoaday #project365

21 of 365.

Driving to the edge of the world #photoaday #project365

20 of 365. To the edge of the world…otherwise known as Brookhaven, MS. Don’t try this at home, people. There’s no way you should ever take a picture while driving.

Stop in the name of strangely unseasonal decorations #photoaday #project365

19 of 365. This is Ellisville, Mississippi, where for some reason there are bunches of fake fall flowers tied to the stop signs. We must be involved in some sort of contest for how much […]

The Parking Lake #photoaday #project365

18 of 365. This is what I had to cross to get to my office this morning.

Man and Machine #photoaday #project365

17 of 365. Not a very good shot, but don’t blame Steve.  I didn’t have a very steady hand with the iPhone camera. I’ve been listening to the Steve Jobs biography on my iPod Classic.  […]

Storm Clouds Blowing In  #photoaday #project365

16 of 365.

Fade to Gray #photoaday #project365

15 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Gray. I think most of the world has faded to gray for the winter — at least in my part of the world. This was processed using the […]

Total Failure

This is not a success story. Perhaps other people announce they are going to be better at simply being better and bumble along from day to day in such a manner as to somehow eke […]

One Step At a Time #photoaday #project365

14 of 365. After being sick all week, I wasn’t sure I had it in me to walk very far, but I thought it was important to try. I went to the track at Wesley […]

New Day Dawns #photoaday #project365

13 of 365. After being sick all week, I really did feel like there was a whole new day dawning as I left for work this morning. This was done using Instagram on the iPhone. […]