Month: August 2011

Lunch Anyone?  #photoaday #project365

236 of 365. You have to have a new lunch box at the start of every new school year, and this is mine. If you see a frog-shaped freezer pack to go with it, please […]

Selected Readings from Thin is the Kingdom

Listen to me reading a few of the poems from my new collection of poetry. At the Hog, At the Hog April 2/3s Thirst Available now through Pinyon Press of Grand Junction, Colorado. Contact Carol […]

Shameless Self-Promotion #photoaday #project365

235 of 365. My book is here! Thin is the Kingdom is now available through Pinyon Press of Grand Junction, Colorado. For ordering information, contact Carol Christ — The photographs are mine. The poems […]

New Office Almost Unpacked
My Kind of Tea Party #photoaday #project365

234 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Set. This tea set was my two-year old niece’s birthday present to my mother. It is put to frequent use.

Guess Who’s 80?  #photoaday #project365

233 of 365. Yesterday was my dad’s 80th birthday, and we had a big family dinner today. We had a blueberry pound cake and a carrot cake, but where there are children there must be […]

Driving into the Light #photoaday #project365

232 of 365. Okay, so I didn’t take this while actually operating a moving vehicle. I did pull off the road in order to take it, though. This was my view on my drive away […]

Rain, Rain, Come Today #photoaday #project365

231 of 365. My plants and I are really hoping it rains this evening. I haven’t watered anything all week. Everything is grey, and I can hear thunder. This seems promising.

It’s poets all the way back #photoaday #project365

230 of 360. I got this book in the mail today that was published by a Florence Gerald in 1880. She was my great-great-great-great-grandfather’s great-granddaughter. Please don’t ask me to figure out what that means. […]

Walked A Thousand Miles #photoaday #project365

229 of 365. It felt like I walked about a thousand miles today and that the day lasted about ten years. That’s what it feels like when you are going to new-school-year faculty meetings and […]