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She’ll have fun, fun, fun till her grading takes her free time away.

I went to work today, but I didn’t do any work because that hasn’t started yet. Instead, I packed up belongings from my office to move to a bigger office. I need a bigger office […]

The Year of the Hummingbird and Maybe the Paper Crane

I have to admit that I embarrass myself more often than not. I’m a person who jumps into projects wholeheartedly, and I have a lot to show for that. I just don’t have a lot […]

Unravelling #photoaday #project365

202 of 365. 105 in my Cranes for Hope project. This bird is a little frayed around the edges, and so is the crepe myrtle it landed in. The state of the bird probably reflects […]

Landing on the Home Key #photoaday #project365

201 of 365. 104 in my Cranes for Hope project. Glad to be home…

Relaxing a Minute #photoaday #project365

194 of 365. 102 in my Cranes for Hope project. This is my photo for yesterday, uploaded late because my Internet has been out. This bird looks like it just wants to relax a minute. […]

A Bird in Hand #photoaday #project365

191 of 365. 101 in my Cranes for Hope project.

The Golden Bird #photoaday #project365

189 of 365. 100 in my Cranes for Hope project. Our Daily Challenge — The Golden Hour. I meant to actually leave my house in order to take advantage of the evening sun today, but […]

Raindrops Keep Falling #photoaday #project365

187 of 365. 99 in my Cranes for Hope project. We’ve been getting some much needed rain today. I was a little afraid to take my camera out in it, but I waited until it […]

Bridge Over Troubled Rails #photoaday #project365

185 of 365. Our Daily Challenge — Bridge. This bridge (Brookhaven, MS) is no longer operational, but it is still something of a landmark of my youth. This was the way you crossed the tracks […]

Ripe for the Picking #photoaday #project365

184 of 365. 98 in my Cranes for Hope project. This crane is made out of a grocery store sale paper. It’s sitting in my zucchini.