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The chicken got my supper

Your daughter is two and cooking an invisible casserole in a pink plastic oven when disaster strikes. “The chicken got my supper,” she yells, running to you like the life of everything depends. This chicken–her […]

Bad Mood

My bad mood is a hummingbird gang gone wild for sugar water. It fights amongst itself, stomps air, beats emptiness like hummingbirds that think they are pit bulls snarling for blood. My bad mood is […]

Sharon Does Not Write Poetry

Once I sat in a fiction workshop with Gordon Weaver. I was not a fiction writer, but I was in the class, making whatever pretense I could muster up at the time. He picked up […]

The Problem with Poem-a-Days

I have nothing to post for Poetry Month today, and it looks like I will not scrape anything together. Because I’ll be in meetings all day tomorrow and Saturday, don’t look for anything then. And […]

Day 7:  National Poetry Month

At the moody end of hectic and too much coffee, I am surprised to notice… I. how alone it feels to sit at the breakfast table of the over-committed. I am a stack of pancakes […]

Day 6: National Poetry Month

Just a freewrite based on today’s Journally prompt… *** Doling out optimism stingily like the first of the summer peaches, I hum “My Mama said there’d be days like this,” and think how I’ll make […]

Day 5:  National Poetry Month

Even the pollen inside my lungs today feels a little embarrassed for the waste we’ve made of a good day that could have otherwise been spent with the wind in our face, bees humming about […]

Day 3:  National Poetry Month

My Journally prompt today was “Grape Kool-Aid, halfhearted happenstance, and the memory of….” Whatever that means. Here’s what I did with it. Whatever this means. Halfhearted Happenstance Even chaos slacks off on the job from […]

Day 2:  National Poetry Month

My Journally prompt today is “Like a cheap pair of shoes, ________ pinches at my day until….” Here’s what I’ve done with it: Like a cheap pair of shoes the desire to please too many […]

Day 1:  National Poetry Month

As promised, I posted a new writing prompt to Journally to kick of National Poetry Month today. I’m hoping to post a new prompt every day for the month of April. I’m hoping to keep […]