February 22, 2024

I might mention first that I hate having my picture taken. Hate, hate, hate.

When I was asked for a picture for my book cover, I wanted to find an old picture–from when I was about five. Instead I decided to cowgirl up and take some friends out into the woods with me to see what we could come up with. I hoped for something funny, or if not that, freakishly Southern.

Unfortunately, I hated all of the pictures because I always hate all pictures of me. However, I did force myself to pick out these three as possibilities. You can vote if you like.


This is me sitting in front of the family vacation home. I’m sorry for you if you don’t have anything this nice. I almost didn’t put this on here because I didn’t want anyone to know how rich we are.


This is me taking a picture of my friend David taking a picture of me. Once again I’m in front of the family vacation home. There’s no rule that says the face has to be visible in a book photo, is there?


This one I posted yesterday. It’s me sitting in front of the gate that blocks the road to the family vacation home. I suspect the gate was erected specifically to keep me out. There’s nice stuff down there…a Yahtzee game, some canned beans, a couple a tiki torches. I don’t think my brothers wanted me getting into any of that.

Plus, there are some tiny pine trees growing inside the bbq grill. If I’d had a cookout, I could have ruined everything.

3 thoughts on “Black Creek Photo Excursion

  1. I had an idea you were this affluent but I didn’t want to let on. You and Kate are two peas in a pod, hiding from your heritage. If I had to vote, I’d say go with the first one, although I think it would have been more realistic with the door open. Somehow you look like you’re locked out and just waiting for the owner to come home. Love them all!

  2. I do like all three, eventhough you hate, hate, hate to have your picture taken! I like the first one best, however I did envision a pic of you above the sign on the gate going over it……just a thought from the lunatic fringe…..

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Love ’em all, but want to cast a vote along with everyone else. Number one is my favorite.I believe it says it all, and that this classy photo will encourage book sales.

    As for the vacation home, I hope to be able to buy myself a little something like this for my semi-retirement years (since I’ll never actually retire), to tote around the county while I teach a few online classes to buy beans for me and insulin for the cat. You are right to think some people might be envious. I sure as hell am!


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