Fear and Loving in Mississippi

Be afraid.

From Cybershot Pics

The Doll, whose name I don’t remember if indeed it ever had a name beyond The Doll, lives. It looks like something of a horror movie. Hollywood might want to pay big money to use it in a movie. Right now, however, it is earning its keep by being dragged around by a 2-year-old girl. She is at least the 6th 2-year-old girl to have the privilege in the 50+ years of The Doll’s existence.

This thing is my sister’s Velveteen Rabbit. You’d think that might mean she just loved all of the hair off of it, but that is apparently not true since she blames our other sister for cutting it off. I can’t vouch for that in the least. The Doll has been bald my entire life.

She did have both eyes the last time I touched her, though, and I won’t have anybody tell it any differently.

From Cybershot Pics

The eyes don’t seem to matter. Neither does the hair. She still gets her share of cuddles, and that’s a pretty good run for 50 years no matter who you are.

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