Word: Kenspeckle

This is the word of the day today on Dictionary.com: Kenspeckle, meaning conspicuous or easily recognized.

I have turned my attention to this word in an attempt to assign a random writing exercise to myself. The first ten blog topics I thought up for today I rejected in a moment of good sense. And so I told myself, “Just go get the word of the day from Dictionary.com, and write about it.”

Unfortunately, I was hoping to be a little less kenspeckle in my blogging today because I’m a little tired.

I think I will tell you instead, then, that I am very proud of my nephew for being the Star Student at his school this month. I hope he feels absolutely kenspeckle in the best possible sense of the word.

My nephew is in kindergarten. I don’t think we had Star Students when I was in kindergarten, but I do think that I must have been rewarded often for being a deep thinker because I spent a great deal of time in a place called “The Thinking Chair.” It was a kenspeckle experience.

Honestly, have you ever heard this word before? I have a somewhat respectable vocabulary, I think, and I must say I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone say it out loud. I’m going to try it out over the next few days. I bet just saying it will make me feel fairly kenspeckle…and not in the good way either.

Perhaps using words no one else uses could become an annoyingly kenspeckle hobby of mine.

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