South Beach Survival Camp (The Diet, Day 26)


It’s not yet 5:00, and I’ve already eaten a bowl of the coleslaw pictured above. I’d say that means I’m feeling better considering I had trouble eating at all in the afternoons and evenings the past few days.

Aside from the possibility of simply having adjusted better to the diet, I have two possible explanations:

(1) I tried to eat a small bite of something every hour or two through the morning so that I never got completely empty. I ate a piece of cheese or a a few soy nuts. I just ate some small thing to keep me going.

(2) I decided to make something to eat that would feel like both a rare treat and a little touch of comfort food. Hence, the coleslaw.

As far as I know this doesn’t have anything in it that isn’t allowed on Phase 1 of South Beach. What it has is this:

Shredded cabbage
Artichoke hearts
Green olives
Feta Cheese
Low fat olive oil mayonaise
Salt and pepper

South Beach has a recipe for coleslaw dressing that includes vinegar and Splenda, but I just used plain mayo. I come from humble coleslaw people.

My theory is that just the act of making something I knew I would enjoy made me feel better. Plus, I got a much bigger variety of healthy nutrients than I would have if I’d simply popped a veggie burger in the microwave. But the point is if you are going to do something in the long term (or even for two weeks), you have to feed the spirit as well as the body. You have to treat yourself with a variety of–in this case–flavor experiences.

I didn’t just force something down this time. I enjoyed preparing this. I enjoyed eating it.

Of course, this is Friday afternoon when I am allowed to delude myself into believing that the weekend is plenty long enough to do what needs doing, and I have time to relax for a bit. I want to set a goal of making something new and good and interesting at least once a week. If I can stick with that resolve once the semester really kicks in hard, I’ll know miracles really do happen, and Santa Clause really does exist.

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